“There are really only two requirements when it comes to exercise. One is that you do it. The other is that you continue to do it.” (The New Glucose Revolution for Diabetes. Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller, Kaye Foster-Powell, Dr. Stephen Colagiuri, Alan W. Barclay)

    To become and stay physically active is much easier than most of us think. It’s just enough to dedicate a little of your daily time for a physical activity that is fun and easy for you.

    You can find time for exercising by taking away some of your time devoted to routine activities such as watching TV or browsing the computer.

    Look at your daily routine and think where you can insert a fitness break. If your schedule is pretty tight or you don’t like to workout, you still can find ways to be more active. You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym. Instead, choose an activity that fits your daily lifestyle.

      Being physically active leads to more energy, stronger health and better mood, not to mention the effective weight management and a better overall appearance and feeling. It also helps strengthen your willpower and become more cheerful. You should be doing at least 15-20 minutes of vigorous activity daily to enjoy most benefits of health and maintain your weight.

        Below you will find 10 workout alternatives that may help you become and stay active. For a start, choose 2-3 activities out of this program for a week and include them in your weekly routine one activity per day. Try being active each day or at least five days per week.

          If you have difficulties finding time for exercising, you can choose an activity marked as Along the way (see below) and try fit it into your daily life.

          If you are one of those people who always look for an excuse to get away from strenuous running or going to the gym, then you can easily integrate physical activity into your daily routine by choosing some of the Home exercise type activities (as marked below).

          Outdoor activities (compared with indoor exercising) in most cases have an additional positive effect on your health due to an extra oxygen amount you get while exercising outside, so it’s good to go for this option at least once in a while. When you will not be able to work out outdoors, you can try doing outdoor exercise inside (for example, walking in the mall).

            Choose exercises that bring you joy and do not cause major difficulties – then working out will not only be useful but fun as well. You will benefit from every minute of exercise. You will surely start feeling better and more motivated after just a week of exercise program – just try it!

            Remember, positive attitude towards exercise will help you stay motivated; and only regular physical activity will help you achieve results.

            Here are the workout alternatives that may help you stay active daily:

            1. Brisk walking – 30 min or Slow walking – 50 min (Outdoor/Along the way)

            2. Running (jogging) – 15 min or Cycling (natural pace) – 15 min (Outdoor/Along the way)

            3. Swimming – 15 min (Outdoor/Gym)

            4. Aerobics – 20 min or Water aerobics – 25 min (Outdoor/Gym)

            5. Badminton – 20 min (Outdoor/Gym)

            6. Ballroom dancing or Solo Latin dancing – 40 min (Gym)

            7. Riding a bicycle trainer – 20 min (Gym/Home)

            8. Garden work – 25 min (Outdoor/Home)

            9. Floor cleaning – 30 min (Home)

            10. Vacuuming – 40 min (Home)


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