“Illness tells us what we are.” ~Italian Saying

Body and soul are interconnected. Physical ailments affect our mood and health, for example, chronic or serious diseases can push us into depression. However, the reverse effect is also common – mindset has a great impact on our health and well-being .

Today it is already known that a significant part of all known diseases are caused by negative thinking. Diseases, which are provoked by a psychological condition, are known as psychosomatic disorders (psyche means ‘soul’ or ‘mind’, soma – ‘body’).

Psychosomatic disorders involve both mind and body. Such physical diseases are believed to have a mental component derived from the stresses of everyday living. In the modern world, especially when living in a big city, people often feel the psychological pressure and are constantly stressed and worried.

The essence of such diseases is mental defense mechanism: because of the threat of very strong and intense emotional experiences, which can simply inundate the psyche and severely disrupt the normal rhythm of human life, some of those experiences are turned into physical sensations of the body.

Sometimes just a few days are enough for the gastric ulcer to occur because of the increased stress, and sometimes only a few years are enough for diabetes and heart disease to develop. Not to mention decreased productivity and a lack of vitality and joy. Doctors and scientists are unanimous on this issue and confirm that thoughts directly affect the activity of body organs and the entire condition of the body.

Below are the states of mind and character traits, which may eventually affect the condition of your health and cause certain diseases:

1. Envy may cause oncological diseases and weakened immune system.

2. Aggressiveness can cause diabetes, stomach ulcer, increased acidity, migraine and appearance of warts. The self-directed psychological aggression may influence the appearance of malignant tumors.

3. Feeling of revenge can influence insomnia and throat diseases.

4. Being spineless (i.e., characterless) may lead to chronic diseases, infections, and skin diseases.

5. High conflict people may experience thyroid problems.

6. Being emotionally closed off may influence kidney disease and schizophrenia.

7. Being cruel can cause epilepsy, asthma, and anemia.

8. Insulting others may cause you diabetes and heart disease.

9. Anxiety can influence digestive disorders, heart and skin diseases.

10. Greed may lead to oncological diseases, obesity and heart disease.

The interesting thing is that it’s enough ‘to heal’ your character and the disease irreversibly withdraws.

As the main reasons of psychosomatic diseases are psychological ones, drugs alone can hardly help cure it. In order to recover from it you need to change your thinking. Changing your mindset may help remove the cause of certain disease and prevent its recurrence.

A person who is capable of dealing with his thoughts and emotions may not only reduce significantly the risk of certain diseases and improve his health, but also improve his relationships, quality of daily activities, and overall well-being.

Therefore, it is very important to take care of not only your physical body but the mind, as well. First, try to recognize your emotions and understand why you are having them. Think of the situations you face and emotions you experience throughout the day, and notice what qualities of your character it reveals.

Use the power of your mind to heal your body through a positive mindset. Open your heart to yourself and others in forgiveness and unconditional love.


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