“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.” (Carol Welch). However, “physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase” (Joseph Pilates). And “thinking about working out burns 0 calories, 0 percentage of fat and accomplishes 0 goals!” (Gwen Ro). So start exercising today!


1. “When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no ‘I’ll start tomorrow.’ Tomorrow is disease.”

V.L. Allineare


2. “The only exercise some people get is jumping to conclusions, running down their friends, side-stepping responsibility, and pushing their luck!”

Author Unknown


3. “There are really only two requirements when it comes to exercise. One is that you do it. The other is that you continue to do it.”

“The New Glucose Revolution for Diabetes”. Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller, Kaye Foster-Powell, Dr. Stephen Colagiuri, Alan W. Barclay


4. “For those who don’t make time for exercise, they’ll have to make time for illness.”

Edward Stanley


5. “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

John F. Kennedy


6. “Physical activity is an excellent stress-buster and provides other health benefits as well. It also can improve your mood and self image.”

Jon Wickham


7. “A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.”

Paul D.White


8. “An hour of basketball feels like 15 minutes. An hour on a treadmill feels like a weekend in traffic school.”

David Walters


9. “The only pushup you won’t be able to do is the one you never do.”

Gwen Ro


10. “Pursuit of optimal fitness is a journey, a constant struggle, a lifestyle; a process where intensity during each exercise session, what you eat every single day and patience over years is what’s required… Ain’t gonna happen overnight!”

The Fitness Doc


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