Who says burning calories has to be hard? You don’t have to work yourself to exhaustion or do a ton of boring, grueling cardio to shed some fat. The 10 everyday activities below burn calories without you even realizing it!

Even if you do like to work out for some 30 minutes a day, but mostly sit for the rest of the day (e.g., in the office or at home in front of the computer or TV) the exercise alone just may not be sufficient for health.

You should not forget about being more active throughout the day by simply choosing more movement requiring options in your daily activities.

The calories calculated in each activity below are for a 130 lbs (60 kg) person. If you weigh more than 130 lbs, you would burn slightly more. Likewise, weighing less than 130 lbs means you would burn a little less than the number of calories given below.

1. Gardening

Time: 30 Minutes
Calories Burned: 162

Gardening is a fantastic workout because it has you squatting down, walking around and digging, giving your arms, legs and core a great workout. The burned calories add up quickly, and if you are growing your own food, it’s a double benefit because you are eating healthy and exercising.


2. Walking

Time: 30 Minutes
Calories Burned: 120

If your work or daily activities have you walking a good portion of your day, then you’ll be happy with this one. Walking works your leg muscles and stretches out your hip muscles, which become tight with extended periods of sitting. It’s also a great way to get your heart pumping for a cardiovascular workout.

3. Child Care

Time: 30 Minutes
Calories Burned: 107

It depends on how much mischief your child decides to get into on any given day, but on average you will burn about 107 calories for every half-hour spent taking care of children. Arms and legs can be worked pretty hard due to carrying and squatting, but the whole body is used for this demanding task.

4. Shopping

Time: 30 Minutes
Calories Burned: 97

Hitting the grocery store is a great way to add a little bit of exercise to your day. While your legs are the main muscle being worked, your entire musculature is used to keep you supported as you walk around the store. If you carry something heavy back to the car, you would also be working more of your arms and shoulders. Shopping is great for cardiovascular health because it gets your heart pumping about 50% faster than resting, and it also gets you a little stretched out as you reach for your (hopefully) healthy items.

5. Sweeping

Time: 30 Minutes
Calories Burned: 90

It depends on how much you dance while you sweep, but on average, sweeping will burn 90 calories for every 30 minutes. Sweeping works your arms while you brush back and forth, and your back and legs are also worked from bending over to clean up the mess.


6. Vacuuming

Time: 30 Minutes
Calories Burned: 84

Sucking up dirt around the house can also suck up fat from your waistline. Vacuuming works your legs, arms and back as you walk, push back and forth, and bend over. Vacuuming supports a healthy heart by increasing heart rate, and the dirt being sucked up promotes a clean house and a clean mind.

7. Dusting

Time: 30 Minutes
Calories Burned: 80

Dusting your furniture kills two birds with one stone — cleaning the house and burning calories. Squatting down to get those hard-to-reach places works your legs, and your shoulders are worked by holding your arms out for extended periods of time. Careful attention to dusting also takes your mind off of worries, which relieves stress.

8. Standing

Time: 30 Minutes
Calories Burned: 75

If you can stand instead of sitting, you’ll burn 75 calories per 30 minutes, which is 30 calories more than you would burn by sitting. Therefore, if you can help it, stand up! Standing still works your legs and core as they support you, and standing upright improves your posture.

9. Preparing Dinner

Time: 30 Minutes
Calories Burned: 74

Working your way around the kitchen every night to make dinner helps to burn some easy calories. When cooking, your whole body is being worked at some point, but arms are especially targeted by stirring or shaking during preparation. The best part about preparing dinner is that you aren’t eating some processed junk or fast food, which, of course, makes your healthier.

10. Computer Work

Time: 30 Minutes
Calories Burned: 41

Typing or clicking away on the computer can add up the burned calories as well. Your hands and forearms get the brunt of the work, but if you are sitting up straight, your back and neck muscles get some work as well. Sitting up straight also comes with the added benefit of improving posture, which helps to prevent chronic back pain.


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